The Rocky Mountains

We're in Canada's beautiful Rocky Mountains.  

The path to Agnes Lake

This morning we walked to Johnston Canyon in Banff, and this afternoon we hiked 10km through snowy passes at Lake Louise. In between, we ate a home made apple cake (to die for). We also bought spikes to put on our boots - the late snow this season has resulted in tricky conditions on the ice. 

Lake Louise ... slightly frozen

Lake Louise ... slightly frozen



It was a perfect day - 5 degrees, no wind, blue skies. Tomorrow we head to another of Canada's National Parks - Jasper. For Canada's 150 year birthday (since confederation), the government has waived all charges for entry to National Parks and other National monuments. We're taking advantage of this!

A path through the snow at Lake Louise
Towards the Tea House (unfortunately no tea ...)


You may note the lakes are frozen. On the bright side, there are hardly any people here because, in this region, summer (hiking, riding, canoeing, camping) is the most popular season.  Spring is a 'shoulder' month - a few people are about, but not as many as in winter (skiing) or summer. 


Walking towards Mirror Lake

More hiking tomorrow, and skiing the following day. My writing is happening early in the morning ...

Mirror Lake - worth the climb!