Thank you to all the reviewers who have enjoyed my books, and posted reviews. I’ve included a few snippets for each of my books here, and web addresses for the reviewers where available.


In at the Deep End

Jess, The Never Ending Bookshelf blog ( In At The Deep End is the perfect read to cool you down during these insane summer heat waves, making it a perfect beach read. While the hopeless romantics out there, and souls with massive hearts, will cry a number of tears, you will laugh so much more than you will cry. I truly believe this book is phenomenal and you really need to pick up a copy ASAP.

Jodie, Goodreads: Just awesome. Great action start, believable tension, character goals were worked towards with interesting plot turns that could have been mundane but definitely weren't. Very likeable, flawed characters (could definitely relate) that you wanted the best for. And the physical tension between main characters was just excellent - well spaced out across the book but definitely fun to read ;) Can't wait to read more by this author.

VaVeros, Goodreads: I am in love with this book. It was wonderful. The slow burn was just so slow and just fab. This is the first every first point-of-view/only from the heroine's side romance that I have loved. Excellent! The author nails the Sydney's Northern Beaches setting.

Booktopia chose In at the Deep End as its romance book of the month in its December 2017 newsletter. The book was also chosen as one of the top five romance picks of the month by Booktopia. Review by Anastasia:

After a few pages of In at the Deep End, I dug out one of my borrowed (ahem) Do Not Disturb signs and hung it on my door. I knew from page 6 I couldn't be interrupted; this book had to be devoured whole. And that's exactly what I did. There's no insta-love here, no instant weakening of the knees. Instead, what we have is witty conversation, simmering tension (yes, sexual as well), and a cast of characters that are just like grandma's hugs: warm, comforting and you can't get enough of them. And that's just the way I love my romances. If it isn't already clear, I absolutely loved this book!

Bree, 1girl2manybooks blog ( Eek, where to start?! This is one of my favourite reads so far this year. The sort of book I keep on hand for when I’m bored or need a bit of a pick me up. I can open it to anywhere and just start reading and sink back into the story ...

There are just books that tick all your boxes and come along at the right time and this is one of them. For me it was just a really well executed story with two main characters that sizzled and some good supporting characters as well. I cannot wait for Penelope Janu’s next book……especially as it’s going to feature Per’s identical twin brother! But while I wait for that, I think I’ll be re-reading this one a few more times!

Talking Books blog ( In At The Deep End by Penelope Janu was a surprise awesome read. I'm glad it was recommended to me and it has been added to my fave reads for 2017. Harriet and Per were completely attention grabbing together and the plot was a stand out. Emotional, shocking, turbulent, thought-provoking and unputdownable. This was a story I could read again and again and I would not tire of the characters. Both Harriet (Harry) and Per (Polarman) were magic to read. It really was a feel good read and a story that this reader finished with gusto and had me frowning and smiling through to the conclusion :)

On the Right Track

Talking Books blog ( I was enthralled with this book! I adored the first novel featuring Per and Harriet's characters, and Tor and Golden are equally heart-melting. On The Right Track by author Penelope Janu is on my unputdownable, fave reads category. There was humour, tension, chemistry amongst a backdrop of family drama that just keeps the pages turning. A first-rate read that I could go back to again and again.

Susan, Goodreads: Wow wonderful and just the loveliest of reads!!!!! I simply could NOT put this read down! Beautiful settings, gorgeous story, truly lovely characters!!! I really adored this book.

Michelle, Beauty and Lace Magazine: I loved everything about this book. The interactions between Tor and Golden were fabulous, they ran the entire range of emotions and you saw the inner turmoil they faced as the characteristics that frustrated them should have been enough to turn them off but weren’t. You saw the scars they carried that meant they didn’t form attachments and you wondered how it would all turn out. I would unreservedly recommend this one.

 Steph, Goodreads: Devoured this story, stayed at way past my bed time because I just wanted to keep reading. Loved so much about this book: set in Australia, horses, the protagonist is a speech pathologist, love interest, mystery. Read it.

 Judy, Goodreads: I thoroughly enjoyed On The Right Track! With complex characters, this is a mystery, with drama and romance all rolled into one. This beautiful story keep me turning the pages.


On the Same Page

Maya Rodale, USA Today bestselling author, and US National Public Radio reviewer: In Penelope Janu's charming contemporary romance, On The Same Page, our heroine, Miles Franklin, is a lawyer with a secret she'll keep at any cost -- even love. Which is funny, since the secret is that she's the wildly successful historical romance novelist Emma Browning and the man keen to learn her real identity has striking similarities to her latest hero.

PbkReader, Goodreads: I absolutely, positively loved this book! The love / hate relationship between Miles and her publisher Lars, the debate about historical romance novels and " real " literature and the bits and pieces of literary royalty referred to throughout the book hooked me from the first page. I did nothing but read this wonderful book from start to end today!

Shelagh, Amazon: On The Same Page is witty and funny and at times irreverent. I adored Miles and Emma—two complex halves of the one whole—and Lars with his clipped and perfect diction, blue eyes and floppy hair. The story had me laughing out loud at some of the antics Emma’s characters got up to, and wincing as one unfortunate incident after another beset poor Miles. 
There is more than humour and empathy to this story though. Author Penelope Janu has demonstrated an extraordinary breadth and depth to her reading and understanding of literary classics through the ages, using them to good purpose at appropriate points in the novel. Add to this the clever link between the life Miles is leading and the story she is writing. I was utterly captivated and thoroughly engrossed throughout. This is a truly wonderful story from an exceptionally talented author.

Jodie, ReadTheWriteAct blog (@readthewriteact on Instagram) The format of (On the Same Page) mirrors the format of the book that our protagonist Miles is writing which is just plain clever. Miles is a wonderful character and as for Lars well he is a dreamboat. I love this beautiful contemporary romance. Love it!

Victoria, the Burgeoning Bookshelf blog ( Janu ties the classics cleverly through the narrative with references to many of the greatest literary romances of all time. I loved the snippets of Miles' Historical Romance stories which gave the reader stories within a story.

The Six Rules of Christmas

The Six Rules of Christmas is a novella, one of the stories in the Anthology, Our Country Christmas

Mrs B’s Book Reviews ( Jack epitomises the hero role, he is completely swoonworthy! The crux of the story revolves around Jack’s challenge to Ariella to embrace ‘the six rules of Christmas’. Following this journey is just so engaging and it reminded me why I love the writing of Penelope Janu.

Claire, Reads and Reviews blog ( I thoroughly enjoyed this story, I couldn't put it down. I had to know if Ariella learned the rules of Christmas and if she let go of her structured rules and allowed Jack to have a place in her heart and her life. If she didn't want Jack, I'd have had him, what a sweetheart. A wonderful uplifting story and some wonderful Christmas rules to remember.