Day 11: Richmond to Ingleby Arncliffe (the night before)

A post in anticipation of leaving the Yorkshire Dales (just in case I don't have internet tomorrow evening).

Firstly, a photo of the locals enjoying a warm summer's day in the waterfall at the River Swale, Richmond. Sunblock, anyone?

Secondly, page one of James Herriot's wonderful first novel, All Creatures Great and Small (published by Pan Macmillan in 1971). This novel, and all of Herriot's subsequent books, were set in the Yorkshire Dales. Herriot was a vet and lived and practiced in the area all his working life. 

Herriot's portrayal of the people, animals and settings of Yorkshire are magical.

The extract provides me with the excuse I needed to repost my favourite (for the moment) cow photo. This time tomorrow night I'll resemble the cow at the near left of the photo….